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Many of you follow my column, AND ONE MORE the Livingston County News, read my books and other magazine writing. You know my passion for travel.

For several years I have been considering how to reach a larger audience. The time has come.

Say hello to my brand new blog.

If you have stumbled upon this site, welcome. I hope that you will look around and find something to suit your fancy.

  1. You'll find pictures and writing from my worldwide trips, along with selected regional and national travels.

  2. Sometimes I will be posting "live" while on tour.

  3. Watch for discussions in the Forum, and join in.

  4. There will be a smidgeon of travel advice from my point of view.

  5. I'll welcome your comments, too, on individual posts.

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I chose this picture from a trip last year in December to Iceland to show that for every adventure that I take, I stir the flame of boldness within me before venturing forth.

The harbor on a crisp December morning in Reykjavik, Iceland.


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