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It took a lifetime to get these thoughts down on paper. First, I had to live them with help of family, friends and colleagues. "Life has been good," the saying goes, although like everyone I have had my challenges. 


Kay Thomas writer

Pity Becomes You

After a lifetime of writing non-fiction, Kay Thomas has written her first novel, Pity Becomes You. It is the story of a woman facing dementia who has never dealt with the reality of life in the first place. Unfortunately the truth of who she is finds her in the end. 

Parts of the novel are told from other people’s perspectives giving readers a sense of the scope of Vera’s problems. There is a story within the story layered and intertwined. Perhaps, there is a third story, too, reaching out for readers to discover.


AGREEABLE: A Best Food Day Mystery

For a change of pace, Kay Thomas's second fictional book is a mystery, and one not to be taken too seriously. 

It's a great quick read introducing Althea Chutney, food critic and amateur sleuth by accident.

 Shimmering Japanese Sunlight is one woman’s experience traveling to Japan where she discovers the unexpected in a treasure of an island country. Thomas travels for knowledge rather than information, and this collection of essays invites you to see through the author’s eyes with her glint of humor how she engages with the overall politeness in the nature of the Japanese people, and the surprising quietness on crowded city streets. Three generations after World War II and Thomas wants to put her childhood thoughts from her schoolbooks to rest by going to Hiroshima. Travel is always about the people connections and Thomas takes you along to visit housewives demonstrating the art of sushi making, an Ikebana teacher guiding her patiently in the tradition of floral arranging and a Zen Buddhist priest offering a tea ceremony and mindful meditation.Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

I'll Be Honest with You


I’ll Be Honest with You is a collection of essays about everything under the sun including the kitchen sink – seriously. Thomas takes on a new challenge writing minimally leaving readers to piece together what they want from brief “flashes,” or eruptions of ideas. It’s a book to be picked up and read over and over for snippets of truth sprinkled with a good portion of playfulness.


 First review:  I'll Be Honest with You, I love your latest book.

                                                                          - Sarah D.

Another review:

I started reading the first page and kept going. I love the format and the juxtaposition of the Irish washerwoman and "My Mother's Hands" - how powerful! I'm proud to be one of your friends " who knew you when..." -Nancy


A third review:

A roller coaster of emotions. - N.A. 

 Smidgen of Irish Luck
is a collection of essays taking you on one woman's adventure's in Ireland. This book remains the author's most popular book. 
Planting her feet on Irish soil is all it requires to see extraordinary where there is ordinary, to engage in conversations on the oddest of places and adjust to the inevitable raindrops like a local. 
Don't Whatever Me, Ever
Volume II

collection of essays that first appeared in print in Thomas’ popular biweekly column, AND ONE MORE the Livingston County News. Thomas dumps the bucket list  once and for all for its waste of time, ponders the mystery of disappearing socks in the dryer and becomes a twitter maniac rather than a bingo expert. 

And One More Thing
I Brake for Squirrels and Other Thoughts I Have No Doubt About

 AND ONE MORE THING I Brake for Squirrels and other Thoughts I Have No Doubt About is a collection of twenty-four short essays taking you on a journey where you will pause to reflect on the little things in life that you have no doubt about whatsoever. 

 Thomas writes on experiences that fit all ages, from the art of social networking, to gently reminding adult children to take back their stuff stored at home. 

 Could less be more than enough? Your car’s interior tells your story.

 With an unusual twist of words that will make you laugh, Thomas searches for places of solitude, dines with cowboys, dances with Dick Clark in her dreams and shares closet space with her spouse.

  AND ONE MORE THING is filled with columns that readers have told Thomas were their favorites. A couple pieces hold special meaning in the author’s heart. Several have not made their way into print.

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