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Mama Kay's words of wisdom


Certain women have that Mother Hen nature. Whether or not they are a

biological mother doesn't make any difference. Neither does age. Extend

it to the male population, too, for indeed, many men fit appropriately.

Here's the dictionary definition of a Mother Hen: a person who sees to

the needs of others, especially in a fussy or interfering way.

Mama Kay doesn't care for that definition. Bossy? Over-controlling?

It could be in situations.

Instead, Mama Kay thinks of Mother Henning in a positive manner.

A Mother Hen is someone who instinctively recognizes a person

requires support, or help, and feels compelled to aid. It may be over a

lifetime of the connection, or it may be short-lived.

As a young girl in third grade, Mama Kay befriended a fellow student

who tragically had lost his mother. She put all her compassion into

aiding her friend to go through the grieving process. She was for a time a

Mother Hen.

Once Mama Kay found her Mother Hen in a retired woman willing

to take on a young student teacher as a renter for a semester. She not

only opened her door, but she introduced her to a new community, too.

Perhaps, Mama Kay has become the COVID Mama Hen for you,

readers, during this time of transition on society. There are hundreds of

you I am sorting out, and I am not boasting either. I just want you to get

further along on your way. You have your own decisions to make, and

how you accomplish them is up to you.

On Mother's Day lets you and I thank all those many Mother Hens in our

lives. Consider the bossy, over-controlling ones, too, who, due to their

natures, opened your eyes.

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