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Roll Call of Blogs

In no particular order, here's a list of noteworthy and informative blogs and magazines.

Check them out and tell the bloggers you saw a reference to their work on

Reflections and Musings by Catherine Ravensong invite you to share with her thoughts on a life well-lived accompanied by her unique photographs. A native of the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York, Ravensong recently returned after time spent in other parts of the country.

Larry Tetamore Photography showcases the talents of a Livingston County professional through his camera lens. You will often find his scenic views on the masthead of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.  He stays in demand as a wedding and portrait photographer as well.

 sensing Spaces is a blog written by Zachary Cudney, a student in Albany, New York, which draws connections between patterns and structures in the world.  Cudney explores his  experiences in South Africa  and Iceland with lessons learned for all of us. 

The Listeners' Club is a music appreciation blog written by Timothy Judd. 

Judd explains musical works in clear  language with accompanying selections  for all to understand and enjoy.

Judd performs with the Richmond Symphony violin section and maintains a private violin studio in the Richmond, Virginia area. He is orignally from Western New York State. 

Murder by 4 is a blog written by author Aaron Lazar and writer friends keeping you current on their work.

Celtic Spirit Books is a blog all things Irish in nature written by Jeanne Crane.

Crane's passionate interest in Ireland started as a teenager and continues with her numerous trips to the ancient sites.

Her latest novel, Amidst the Stones of Celtic Ireland, tells a fascinating story of the stones through the eyes of a mature couple finding their path during a journey together.

Crane lives in Canandaigua, New York, and is available for talks and a wee bit of conversation.

Vagabond Way is a deliberate lifestyle blog written by Tiffany and Chris, a young couple in their thirties, who are allowing themselves the freedom to travel.

For over a decade they have moved and worked around the world and shared their love of people and places educating the rest of us in the simple joys. The outstanding photography on the website speaks volumes. Both Tiffany and Chris are originally from Western New York. 

 Willis Record is a little bit local history, culture, and events in Western New York covered by the journalist, Jasmine Willis. 


Mountain Home News is a blog dedicated to happenings in the Finger Lakes Region of New York and Northern Pennsylvania.  There are numerous articles on cultural activities and artisans  in the region.

Irish Kilts

Life in the Finger Lakes Magazine is the premier regional magazine for Upstate New York's   Wine Country  and surrounding lakes. 

Afar is a comprehensive travel magazine with informative articles accompanied by  excellent photography. 

585 Magazine is the premier magazine of all things in the Rochester, New York region. 

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