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Creative non-fiction wordsmith

Social commentary newspaper columnist


Travel blogger

Website owner

That's my unofficial title: a freelance writer

My voice is witty and fresh with insights on the most mundane of things thanks to living a varied life.


My first professional job was as a newspaper reporter and editor at the age of thirteen when I published "The Lincoln Street Gazette," a neighborhood newspaper for several years. It was there that the  passion for writing began I believe. The two cents that I earned for each copy of the paper I sold was not as important as how happy I had made my subscribers. 

I have gone on to become a feature writer and columnist for The Livingston County News, Geneseo, New York. For the past eight years my popular column, AND ONE MORE THING...has garnered many loyal followers. 

Although I have written for magazines covering travel and cultural topics, it is the connections with unusual people living their dreams that have made it all worthwhile.


As an elementary classroom teacher for over thirty years, I taught creative writing skills to hundreds of students. I loved mentoring them and watching them find their voices along with my own.



A writer is, after all, only half his book. The other half is the reader and from the reader the writer learns. - P. L. Travers


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