At this point the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) is touching the shores of the United States. How concerned you should be about spring and summer travel is up in the air depending upon your level of anxiety and overall health.

Not to panic yet. Keep vigilant.

Wash your hands in hot soapy water often.

Avoid crowds when possible, although that is a tough one.

Build up your immunity, exercise and get plenty of rest.

Keep dsinfectant wipes with you.

One good point for the airline traveler:

You're in for great deals.

Grab those upgrades that are coming quickly on airlines fearful of lost revenue on so many dropped flights.

With my eye I follow the red handrail up the staircase to the front doorway, which is also in a similar hue. I start looking around at what else is framed in the picture lens. Although the house is situated smack in the center, I moved to the right to get the better shot placing the railing at an angle.

The Kwock Hing Society building in #Kula, #Hawaii stands high up on a hilltop surrounded by land owned by Chinese residents for many years. It is the center of their social and spiritual life.

Let's just say that on #Maui you learn that a wake-up call in the morning can be as early as two o'clock. It can be relentless, too, and it is almost impossible to drown out the sound even covering your head with a pillow. As the sun rises, so does the pitch.

Free-range chickens, hens and roosters are everywhere on this #Hawaiian island, and after a week or so, you pay little attention. You give each other space and go about your business.

This colorful one named "Henrietta," like the song "A Boy Named Sue" I suppose, followed me around the property one day daring to come up on the patio.

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