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Taking a stab on vaccine passports

The more that I have been thinking about vaccine passports for United States citizens, the more perplexed I am becoming about its place in the future of our travels.

Greece is one of the countries that depends heavily on tourism, and they will be requiring vaccine passports - via an app on one's phone - in order to open its welcoming borders. Northern European countries are doing likewise. Many people live in countries where social decisions are ones their governments make for them.

What happens to people who have chosen not to get vaccinated for personal reasons? Do they not travel internationally?

Is this yet another equality divide for those who do live in a country where the vaccine is not attainable yet?

Better still, is this a total invasion of our privacy?

Social distancing and masking along with temperature checks for travel make sense for the time being to ensure safe conditions for all. For those who are vaccinated, they have a second level of protection.

I'm not certain I want endorse the next step of a permanent vaccination passport.

Incidentally, I have gotten vaccinated and I wouldn't even consider international travel without that protection.

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