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Put Your Hidden Talents to Use




I beg to differ with The New York Times journalist who cautions people not to jump on the bandwagon and begin writing their version of How I Survived the Coronavirus. The point is that the market will be flooded and the subject too raw for an extended period.


Why not? 


Often that's when the best prose and poetry springs forth during other decades in society recording firsthand daily life.  Think The Diary of Anne Frank. Visual artists express themselves and draw from deep within to make universal statements that speak to mankind. 


Already I have seen original posts on Facebook by friends coping with their families sequestered with multi-age cooking contests, following creative PE - even impromptu brotherly wrestling matches - activities and a virtual yoga class with your instructor right in your PJs. 


A parent doing schoolwork under any reasonable condition is severe. You feel like a drill sergeant, right? Today with COVID-19 mandatory homeschooling, it is overwhelming keeping new math and counting exercises straight.  Thanks to all those teachers who continue to support you, too. 


Everyone is working through this ordeal in their own unique way. Families are making discoveries about how it is possible to manage in your own home without always having to be somewhere else constantly. Imagine that thought. There is life without the gym, sporting events, and movie theaters. 


All the outside yard work getting accomplished, the solitary walks as spring awakens, and the bird watching is remarkable. 


Small businesses and those out of work are foremost in our minds. Owners are coming up with solutions, too. Takeout and delivery to your car. 


Stories will come out of these months. They should be put down on paper right now with all the details and dialogue. The family journals together daily, and perhaps photograph such highlights as to how the youngest found hand sanitizer at the store, and making an art gallery outside on the lawn for observers to see from a distance, of course. 


Go ahead. Write away. 

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