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Keeping luggage super simple

Take a bit of advice from someone who slogged unwieldy suitcases in and out of airports until finally that woman got sick of being a captive without the energy left to enjoy the vacation.

Now call me a minimalist if you wish.

I think and rethink before zipping my suitcase.

My best advice: You don't need to take the kitchen sink, or all the rest of the stuff you "just might remotely need" if you will be traveling anywhere reasonably near stores.

Now on a short trip from a two-three day weekend to two weeks, I use a simple carry on roller suitcase that I can manage with ease without assistance. Of course, a big purse comes in handy, too, for the leftovers. My male readers will find a compact soft sided briefcase will work for your personal item on a plane.

Seriously, think about all the things you dragged along on your last trip that you never used. I would suggest you learn to be a more efficient traveler and pack accordingly.

Share any thoughts in the comment section below.

This suitcase is a rolling wonder.

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