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Winding off the tourist path

When you are sensitive to the humble stories of women anywhere in the world, you make a connection. Their struggles and aspirations are no different than yours and mine.

A women’s weaving cooperative has joined Maya women in Santa Domingo Xenacoj together to keep the tradition, and become a sustainable business as well. They are strong in their values and goals. You don’t need to understand Spanish, but watch the expressions on their faces, to feel the bond they have for each other.

The older women are teaching younger girls the art before it is lost forever. A twelve year-old came today, a recent graduate of her training.

The local government has given the women encouragement as it wants to promote the town for tourism. It has many other projects started, too, such as a coffee cooperative in this mountainous area.

You sense a great pride among the citizens while walking the narrow streets. A young lady is sweeping the front porch steps. A mother is taking her young son to school. Everyone speaks and smiles, although they are shy with strangers. You can not blame them as they don’t see many unfamiliar faces. The town square is filled with flowers, and public buildings are clean making a positive statement.

When people care about their place on earth, hold up each other and work together, good things are bound to happen. In five years time Santa Domingo will be a flourishing town. I feel it.

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