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Where to go in New York City?

Take a stroll on the High Line in Chelsea and you are surrounded by urban gardening and sculpture at its finest in this planned linear greenway. You literally forget that you are in a metropolitan area except for a building or two sneaking out of the trees.

Length: 1.45 miles. In other words, it is an easy walk in 30 minutes if you put your mind to it. I would advise stopping periodically along the way and finding a spot to sit and soak in the space.

Finished in 2014, the High Line is built on an abandoned elevated freight line of the New York Central Railroad. THe City of New York Parks and Recreation maintain the space.

There are numerous places to get on and off via elevator or stairs. You are between 10th and 12 Avenues.

At one end is the new Whitney Museum of Art, Gansevoort Street, and assorted restaurants both within and outside for a relaxing bite to eat. The Whitney usually features a show of a well-known artist, such as Andy Warhol or Alexander Caldor, in addition to displaying some of its massive collection. Each floor of the museum opens out to spectacular views across the Hudson River, or into the heart of the city.

Here's your chance to visit Hudson Yards for high-end shopping, browsing or dining, and climb The Vessel. It has become a new addition to the area that was once virtual wasteland, and now it is definitely an attraction for international tourists and locals as well.

Chelsea Market is a fun site to visit and wander the indoor shops and food stalls. You could return numerous times and never see it all. Besides, pop-up spaces change frequently so you never know what to expect.

At the other end of the High Line you are in the heart of Chelsea's art galleries where you can stroll in and out viewing fabulous collections. I would be remiss here if I didn't mention that my favorite is Berry Campbell, 530 West 24th. You won't be disappointed.

One of the popular outdoor activities is walking the High Line in Chelsea, New York City.

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