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Travel tips for the exhausted

Traveling can become grueling if you don't take care of yourself. Here's some advice that might help:

1. Snacking properly in the middle of the day helps stave off hunger and gives an extra bit of energy.

2. Keeping hydrated in warmer climates is essential day and yes, at night, too. Hibiscus iced tea could very well do the trick in place of water at a midday meal.

3. Replenishing with electrolytes in tablet and in drink form can make all the difference when hiking.

4. Using a Co2 booster tablet for higher elevations makes you more comfortable.

5. Placing a bandanna around your neck and wetting it periodically keeps you cool.

6. Watching how much alcohol you consume during the day in warmer climates, and selecting natural fruit drinks instead is wise. I lived on fresh watermelon and mango drinks in Central America.

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