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Travel tip: finding the right shoes

I'm serious when it comes to determining what shoes to take along on a trip. There is nothing worse than tired, sore feet that will push everything else to the background and take the fun out of an adventure. You'll be on your feet a lot I would assume and you need to be sensible. Ignore the urban locals in their high-heels or elegant Italian loafers. How do they do it? That's a conversation for another time.

1. Don't cost-cut on purchasing shoes as you get what you pay for in most cases. Watch for off-season sales from your favorite companies, and strike.

2.. Break a pair of shoes in ahead and waterproof if need be.

3.. Consider the conditions - weather-related, cobblestones, uneven paths, special event.

4.. Keep to a minimum of pairs, too, and shoes that can do double-duty.

5. If you are traveling by plane, remember that ease of slip-on shoes is helpful at TSA. Also, on long hauls, you will want to take off your shoes to give your feet ample stretch time.

A supportive pair of sneakers is a mainstay in your suitcase.

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