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Telling a story in faces

When traveling often you remember a particular spot by a picture. That is the same way with faces.

A deep well of wisdom pours out from this woman of seventy. Her passion is for women’s equality, and she wants me to know ( through a translator) how important it is for females in her village to find satisfaction through weaving. The tears running down her cheeks say as much as her words, and I pause to reflect on her honesty.

A carefree little boy passes me the tamales across the table and agrees to give a big smile for a picture. He speaks only Spanish and I speak English. It doesn’t matter. Food is a universal language. Minutes later he is back with his device.

The farmer and his wife come to sell their vegetables at the wholesale market after being up early in the morning. They both look tired, but joyful working together dividing the onions. I stop and ask for a photo. The woman holds back a bit not sure of my request. Not many Americans pass through the town, although all the workers here cautiously nod If you smile first.

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