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Taking a required break

If your travels take you away from home for longer than a week, it is wise to take periodic breaks to re-energize, do the essential laundry and simply plant your feet in one place without an agenda.

I did that in Belize City after three weeks of intense touring in Central America. My body told me to slow down and my mind required a rest from all the information that was floating around in my brain.

On that particular sultry day, a couple travelmates and I found an ideal spot for a light lunch - always fresh fish available - and then we strolled back to the hotel each to our own plans. I sat on the lawn near the pool in the shade under the swaying palms and read a book. My companions were the elegant macaws. That's all I needed. The next day would be a long travel day flying home.

A beautiful spot can refresh you and recharge your batteries while traveling.

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