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Taking a one-stop vacation

Unpacking the suitcase once. Check. Settling in. Check. Follow your heart's desire. Double check.

Those are the advantages for taking a vacation in a specific location. Many people love the comfort of returning year after year, too, and incorporating it with golf or spa treatments.

There was a period in my life when I spent my summers on Long Island Sound. For me, it was being with my parents in a familiar area where I had grown up. It didn't hurt that I was right on the water, either.

Whether it is a fishing trip in the nearby Adirondacks (not shown below) or a condo in Costa Rica, there are benefits to getting away from the daily grind and being in a new environment.

There are untold types of accomodations from a camper to an Airbnb. You can be creative and not go the high-end route if you prefer.

One of my memorable vacations was in a pop-up camper in the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec surrounded by a deep forest. I don't remember spending a Canadian dime on anything since the scenery, hiking and relaxation were all free.

Surf fishing is a way to get away from it all and be in nature.

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