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So far, a few random reflections

The Baltic countries may be new on the horizon as independent ones, but they are committing to IT, social equality and education for the future. They show immense passion for the betterment of their small place in the world, a strategic location in Europe so close to Russia.

The Hill of Crosses symbolizing the resistance of freedom fighters in Lithuania.

The nature of people here are to engage with family and assure their elders are taken care of well. The economy went bust and old money disappeared under Soviet control. Everyone helps each other to move forward now. “ It is the responsibility of the younger people to pay taxes to help the older folks who lost so much,” says my tour guide.

My tour guide’s 90 year-old grandma lives alone and her daughter (aunt) checks on her frequently.

Everywhere I go, people show pride in their environment by keeping it extremely neat and clean. The trees are pruned, the leaves are raked frequently and the flower beds are readied for winter.

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