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Riding a camel in Morocco

Sometimes you feel compelled to try something new, and you put your inhibitions aside. That happens more often than not when traveing I've discovered, and I suppose that is one of the reasons throughout the ages people go on adventures to test their limits.

What's the big deal about riding a camel under controlled circumstances?

If you are a horseback rider and relatively comfortable in the saddle, then there is no issue.

With me though, I will confess, I have never been much for horses simply due to lack of familiarity.

Anyhow, I mounted my assigned camel with a bit of help from the leader, and along with the rest of my tour group, I went for an hour's ride in the Sahara Desert.

The plodding pace of the camel's gait permitted me to free myself, slow down and appreciate my immediate surroundings. After all, I was over forty miles from the nearest town, and there was not a sound to be heard except for the ocassional snort of a camel, or a click from a camera. For miles and miles there was arid sandscape, and my mind opened to the beauty of the desert environment.


One of the best moments in my life

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