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Returning to Ireland for a smidgen more luck

After an enchanting trip to Ireland 6 years ago and one successful book (A Smidgen of Irish Luck) authored, good fortune is sending me back to the Emerald Isle.

#Smidgenofirishluck check out on my #BOOKSTORE page.

Follow along LIVE as I begin in Dublin and wander into the southern countryside with a small Irish tour company, #InroadsIreland, that specializes in utilizing local accommodations and supporting restaurants/pubs in rural areas away from the beaten down tourist path.

A new revitalized purpose for my writing life could be just around the bend. I'll tip a pint to that.

Enjoy with me through words and pictures the scenery and delightful experiences I anticipate happening. After all, the Irish claim to be the friendliest people in the world, and there in itself is a perfect reason for another visit.

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