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Recalling a heart-warming love story

This New York City couple came to Italy's Amalfi Coast to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. It was a second marriage for both of them, and in fact, they knew each other's deceased spouses from the medical world.

He was 93, and she a shy bit younger at the ripe age of 92.

There was nothing lagging about their energy and enthusiasm, though, and immediately they became a popular couple everyone in our tour group enjoyed spending time. They drew fellow travelers to them like magnets. My husband and I recall several pleasant dinners and strolls back to our hotel. They were excellent conversationalists, and they were sincerely interested in getting to know you better, too.

I asked them once what their secret to longevity and both replied that they walked every day in Central Park along with attending theatre, opera and the ballet. They went to art galleries, museums, lectures and street festivals. The wife remarked, (I'm paraphrasing here from my fuzzy memory) "Life is great and we are taking it all in."

At the end of the trip our whole group organized a surprise dinner party for the two to celebrate their actual anniversary date. To this day I vividly recall the image of two lovebirds dancing together holding up glasses of champagne while the rest of us clapped.

That was twenty years ago.

You can tell by their faces that love is in the air.

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