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Putting up with the inconveniences

It's all in the way you want to look at it, and the attitude you have at the moment.

Once I stayed in a hotel room in Cape Town that had a limited supply of water due to the shortage.

It was doable. Quick showers sufficed.

Another time I was in a room in Belfast across the street from not one, but three popular pubs.

Earplugs kept the noise out.

Tiny lizards crawled in and out of my tent in Botswana day and night.

A proper attitude worked along with some deep breathing.

In Japan I stayed on a straw mattress low to the floor in a ritzy spa.

I focused on the immaculate room without a spot of dust anywhere, and cleared my mind.

In Atlanta stuck in an airport hotel overnight, the planes continued to land and take-off regularly right over my head.

I used my complimentary toiletries and counted sheep.

My antiquated key got stuck in the door lock and took me forever to get in my room almost every single time I came and departed in a guesthouse in the English Lake Country. The desk clerk and I became quite familar.

I discovered I wasn't the only one.


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