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Making a new year's travel wish list

Looking out a window at a local restaurant in Canandaigua on a rare balmy late December afternoon, I realized that it was time to add a few places to my future adventures - say like 2021 and beyond.

Here's my advice: There's no time better than making a headstart on major reservations ( note the word, major) to get first choice or rooms and flights.

2020 is set mostly. You'll be able to follow along on my blog.

Here's my advice: Make room for spontaneous trips and quick getaways, too. Not every experience needs to be planned out so far in advance. As for me, I have a couple thoughts that I am mulling over in my mind.

Here's my advice: Take time in the beginning of the new year to go over your techie equipment and throw out what's no longer useful. Purchase new items after careful research.

I did receive some new techie equipment for Christmas including a PortaPow Data Blocker for use when I am in airports and other public places to protect my information. I also have USB adapters to fit with the new Apple plugs.

Stay reading throughout 2020 and you'll be the first to know where I am resting my head.

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