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Letting you in on a secret

I am always being asked, "What's your favorite trip?"

In the past I would try to narrow it down to one or two adventures that really stuck out in my mind. Besides, it is a good conversation starter with other people, too. I've noticed that the more someone probes me, the more the stories start flowing out like they have been waiting to be told. No doubt that's where I get my inspiration for travel writing.

One of my favorite things to do on a trip is photograph the view from my window. Here I am in Belize City right across from the Caribbean. I was surprised how the getty was not very high, and the road constantly gets flooded. The hotel first floor has had its share of water damage after major storms, too.

Still, I would feel a little guilty that I didn't give other places their equal share of accolates.

Now when I am asked about the standout trip, I have a much better answer: It's the last trip that I have taken. I add that the reason is that part of the excitement in traveling for me is digesting all the experiences, surprises and local folks that crossed my path. It takes a bit to sort through it all properly.

As you can infer, I'm not one for hopping from adventure to adventure for the sake of crossing off countries on my bucket list (I don't believe in that in the first place) and not doing each trip justice.

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