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Is cruising in your future?

There are people that will give you excellent testimonies on their cruise experiences, and for them fortunately, they have found a style of travel that works giving them their ideal vacations.

However, if you haven't gotten your feet wet, put aside those horror stories -the germs floating in the air, for one - and consider whether or not cruising is in your future.

1. Planning involves setting your dates, selecting the cruiseline for you - do your research - and letting the experts handle the details. You concentrate on what your going to pack in your suitcase and where to kennel the dog.

2. Leave all your worries behind and get pampered in a beautiful setting by a trained crew

3. Sociability is a major factor in your travel mode

4. Not into touring sites so much, but there is the option

5. Makes for multi-generational family trip possibilities

6. How well you handle rough seas

7. You're never at a loss for the next meal twenty-four hours a day

8. One stop unpacking

9. Fabulous entertainment onboard

10. Breaking up the long winter by traveling to a warmer climate for island adventures

11. Shopping onboard. On land.

12. Cost is all-inclusive. Upgrades available. Wonderful deals if you watch.

Oh, and if you go on a cruise, share your pictures with the rest of us. My cruise stories will come in another post sometime.

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