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Focusing on what's out the window

Often when I am on a guided tour, I listen and wander at the same time for a purpose.

I examine corners. The ceiling. Outside the doorway at an unexpected passerby. Yes, the view from the window, too. There's that photo opportunity that will make my pictures stand out from the rest, and it frequently is simplistic in design.

Here's the story behind this scene at the Killbeggan Distillery in Ireland. l was listening to a tour guide giving her programmed talk on the third floor of the warehouse - I was restless late in the afternoon - and feeling bored by it all, I disappeared from the group over to a window. Never really giving it much thought, I shot a couple pictures and it wasn't until I got home that I realized that I had an unblemished gem.

Someone of an artistic bent saw the picture and remarked that it looked like four different framed scenes. Another person said it was a painting. I believe it as a moment of sunshine sparkling down on the earth after a heavy downpour.

Just in case you want to know, the distillery tasting was a fitting end to the tour, and I didn't use any editing techniques on the picture either.

This picture was taken from the third floor of the Kilbeggan Disillery.

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