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Five essentials to optimize an Irish vacation

When you come to Ireland, there are certain protocols you must mind for your own good. I’m telling you the truth.

1. Irish time is never exact. Go with it and lay back. You won’t miss anything.

2. Be prepared to engage with the Irish. They want to talk your head off. Indulge them. You’ll hear a lively story or two.

3. When you go to a bar and are asked how you are doing, then that’s the signal to place your order. Otherwise, the bartender will walk off and leave you alone. You’ve lost your window of opportunity. That could be an evening breaker right there.

4. Like fairies hiding in the fields, the Irish make you play search and rescue to find the hairdryer in your guest room. I’ll let you in on a little secret, though. You’ll never find a washcloth.

5. Get used to the fact that in one hour it might rain, beam sunlight and pour again. Take the umbrella at all costs.

This is a natural shot.

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