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Finding your own meaning

No two people ever experience a trip in the identical way. You and I may be together on an adventure and your highlights no doubt won't be mine. In fact, yours may be totally irrelevant and not fit into my scheme of things. That doesn’t mean anything significant necessarily.

I search for meaning in misty morning walks down the hill into town, or through the bouncy music coming from an open pub doorway. More often than not, it is a vista so breathtaking that It's hard for me to put a finger on it exactly, except that all my senses are in play. That is how my writing comes together much later and captures those feelings. When I travel on my own, I "work" at my creativity much better.

We all travel with different purposes. On my last trip to Ireland there were three sisters celebrating a milestone birthday, a family sharing ancestral roots on one side and two work friends taking another of many vacations together. I went to energize my writing in a new direction for circumstances changed recently in my professional life.

That's what's so great about life in general. Think how boring it would be to live in a cookie-cutter world.

Observing all the differences is a good exercise in gaining visual acuity.

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