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Dispelling some untruths

If you keep your wits about you, and you are situationally aware, then there is nothing stopping you from coming to Central America except self-imposed fear.

I was never in danger. I have traveled to many places around the world that have way more threatening issues than El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize.

Stop listening to the reports about drugs and gangs here, and that all those “bad “ people are coming to the United States with their vices. Most coming across the border are looking for honest work, and they are sending money back home to support their families. Certainly the standard of living is low here, and that is why many seek opportunities for betterment in our country. Some face oppressive situations.

How folks south of the of the border enter - legally or illegally- disturbs citizens of the US. The Central Americans see it differently. Coming legally is a nightmare of beauacrtic red tape. In Guatemala alone, 500 people line up per day at the US embassy to get the paperwork started at a cost. Our system is broken.

I’ll conclude the personal comments as I realize that I am treading on thin ice. Many of you will not agree with me. That’s fine. Others of you may want to explore this further.

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