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Coloring your soul in Marrakech

#Marrakech is a frantic, but vibrant city, and depending on how you look at it, it can fufill your fantasies or deflate your growing loving thoughts on #Morocco. It was a shock to my system after the peace and quiet of the desert.

The medina, the largest in Morocco, is an experience in keeping your sanity while wandering the labyrinth of alleyways overloaded with foods, clothing and household needs. Perhaps, it is best to watch your back always for motorscooters, donkey carts and fast moving people for they are crowding your path continually.

In the central square day and night the snake charmers are there tempting you, the beat of the drum and chanting voices rise over all the ordinary noises associated with throngs of  people -lots of toursits -  and there is a general high energy to the place.

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