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Best thoughts to take home from Ireland

1. It’s all about the toe-tapping jigs and soulful ballads that will stick in my mind and infuse my energies whenever my thoughts roam to Ireland.

2. Stepping into an Irish bookstore is one of those high experiences for me, and perusing my favorite Irish authors is a welcome sight along with book talk with shop owners.

3. Listening. Just listening to everyday folks is a delight. They are such a hopeful people, and they sure do enjoy their connections with friends and family.

4. Castles. Churches. Stones. In no particular order.

5. You want to return. Why, the Irish expect you to visit again...and again. I am not a stranger here.

6. The scenic country drives with multiple hues of green and ewes grazing everywhere reminds me a little of home.

7. Irish stew and seafood chowder with a slice of soda bread ranks high, yet my all-time forever new favorite is oatmeal with a splash of Irish mist ( I’ll spell it out: whiskey).

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