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An up- ended tourist moment

"The Vessel", the latest hot destination spot for tourists in New York City, is referred to as "The Eiffel Tower of the City of New York" by one cab driver. Hmm...

So, I had to go there myself to see what all the fuss is about on a hot summer's afternoon surrounded by yes, all the tourists snapping pictures of the structure before climbing it to observe the city from a different viewpoint.

Hudson Yards is the latest West side development project combining high-end shopping - really snazzy for those with deep pockets- and residential space with astronomical prices along with commercial endeavors. The art on the walls - there's a Calder hanging on a stairwell at Neiman Marcus - is first class in every respect. The area was originally the former Mayor Bloomberg's pitch for an Olympic site, and to the relief of the city dwellers, it was rejected.

I had to take a picture of two out-of-towners taking a stand near The Vessel.

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