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Advice : Gobble week is here

Plane. Train. Auto. No matter your mode of transport and the miles you will cover, Thanksgiving is the biggest travel week of the year.

Know that it will be a slow go at the airport, the roads no doubt clogged and people in general dsiplay the worst of the worst manners when they get frustrated.

Deal with the inconveniences postiviely. Make someone's day by letting their car inch in to your lane, or help a young family get situated on a plane without rushing along to your seat.

Be grateful for town organizations and restaurants that offer meals for people who have nowhere to go. Support their endeavors.

Give thanks for all your blessings including the fact that you are able to fly, drive or perhaps simply walk to the dinner table, and take a moment to appreciate those around you for how they have made your life richer.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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