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Advice: Be realistic with expectations

While I was thumbing through traveler reviews searching for a trip possibility - a working vessel traveling up the coast of Norway to the Arctic intrigued me - several testimonials popped out.

A few people complained of being bored.

In the first place, you have to understand that I have a low toleration for anyone who complains of apathy. I was brought up to seek out my own fun, and not at the expense of others either. That's why that statement annoyed me to no end. You might feel differently.

Understandably, this particular trip is like a slow boat to China which stops at small ports for short drop -offs and picks-up of supplies and mail in return. Passengers are permitted short amounts of time on shore. I can visualize photo opportunities of all sorts and engaging with locals in conversation.

However, there is much unstructured time onboard and the closest thing to no nightly entertainment is scanning the terrain at close hand. The boat hugs the coastline to provide views of the fjords.

I wonder if those restless folks truly read the day-to-day itinerary before they selected the adventure.

Bottom line: It pays to take the time to consider your personality and your expectations prior to signing on the dotted line for any trip. To me, that is as important as knowing your physical limitations.

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