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A trio of holiday shenanigans

These merry elves from my childhood have endured a lot between getting packed and unpacked during far too many holidays to count along with quite a few long distance moves, as well, that must have unsettled them to no end. They never were certain where they would be hanging out, or if a family cat would pounce on one pulling him to the ground leaving teeth marks somewhere.

Call the elves resilient is to speak highly of them.

Frankly, there were years when they were simply thrown into the holiday box without much thought for how they would rest over the long winter in a dark attic. One or two years the trio never got taken out either for some reason or other not worth going into here.

One elf had his head detached from his neck as a result of a tug and pull episode during my childhood - I don't remember the actual story - and in my clumsy way, I handsewed his head back using thick white thread and uneven stitches as my mother ordered for my unruliness.

I never bothered to fix the guy up properly, and I made one excuse after the other to him. (He's the one on the left.) Now it's too late for major surgery and I leave it as a reminder of years gone by and well-loved holiday friends.

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