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A respectable balancing act

On the last trip before my next one to Ireland, I delighted in one of the countryside's natural wonders hidden in plain sight. (Optimism runs high that there will be another adventure in the Emerald Isle).

Yet, how easily this photograph could represent the delicate balancing act, we have managed. Granted, some of us fared better than others. Despite our friends and family struggling with COVID, or untimely deaths, there is an overall glimmer of hope.

If I recall correctly, this particular piece, along with several others, was in the middle of a farmer's field requiring a stroll down an uneven rural path. The sun hung heavily in the late afternoon sky, stretching intricate shadow fingers between the stones.

There were several other tourists there, and like myself, they were mesmerized by this space's sacredness. I don't understand what pulled me in. It did, though, and I went with the serenity. Ancient Celtic worshippers centuries ago were there, too, in spirit.

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