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5 things you should leave home

1. Hairdryer

The majority of places you will stay have one right in the room. Otherwise, ask at the front desk.

2. Expensive jewelry including watches

You are just asking for trouble otherwise. The less you are noticed, the better.

3. Umbrella

Borrow one at the hotel.

4. Extra credit cards and store cards

One back-up is enough along with your medical cards.

5. Baseball cap

Come on. Take it off when you come inside. Better yet, leave it at home. Locals will know that you are a tourist anyhow.

A safe rule of thumb: if you think you might need it, you won’t. Worst case, you can buy it there. Then you’ll have something new with a story attached, and what’s better than that?

Why not? Somewhere in England in a castle town.

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