On my way to...

It's not so important always to have a destination in mind. Perhaps, the pleasure could be noticing what's on the way.

Another way to look at it is to draw a radius of miles you determine is feasible for your situation, and make the most of it.

With limited ability to travel the distances I usually do, I am settling in comfortably to short hauls. I mean, short ones. Seven miles. Thirteen miles which contain the closest towns to my house. My car runs are for groceries and other essentials. I am touring the area's radius safely in my car.

One warm afternoon I explored several roads to the west. I discovered several lovely country homes with ponds and manicured lawns that I never paid any attention. The last time I did this route was in the dull gray winter when nothing appeared too exciting.

I came upon a few Guniea Hens near the edge of the road and stopped to photo them, even though they minded their own business. There was a house set back further surrounded by a cluster of trees, and I couldn't see if the residents were home or not. It didn't matter.

On a rural road there is a mixture of rundown houses, trailers and extra cars along with stretches of vast fields and woods. A few are hunting cabins or seasonal use places. Others appear abandoned. I look for stories behind the walls and wonder about the settlement of the area.

With our COVID limitations I surmise more and more people are grateful that they do reside in rural areas, or have opportunities to take short trips there.

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