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Live from Estonia

You’ve heard the sayings, I‘m bogged down, haven’t you, or I’m in a quagmire?

in Estonia as in the other Baltic countries, being outdoors in nature is important, and one of the ecological environments families go is to a mire for hiking and swimming in a pond.

By definition:

A mire (or quagmire) is a wetland type, dominated by living, peat-forming plants. Mires arise because of incomplete decomposition of organic matter, usually litter from vegetation, due to water-logging and subsequent anoxia.

There is a difference between a bog and a mire.

A bog is a mire that due to its location relative to the surrounding landscape obtains most of its water from rainfall (ombrotrophic), while a fen is located on a slope, flat, or depression and gets most of its water from soil- or groundwater (minerotrophic).

Since the ground is spongy and you can easily sink in, that is where the wooden path is the way to explore, and what I did on a drizzly morning in Estonia.

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