LIVE reports: Poland, Russia and the Baltic countries

Follow along at your own pace with my fall adventure which has been in the planning stages for over a year. I will update as I am able. It will be a lengthy trip of five weeks, and I will be doing a lot of touring.

When I mentioned where I was traveling, the first question out of everybody's mouth (some did not verbalizing it and instead, gave me a puzzled look) is "why do you want to go there?"

There are two reasons why I selected this trip. First of all, I studied Russian history in college, and I was fascinated with the Enlightened period of Peter the Great. I plodded through all the great writers, too, and watched Dr. Zhivalgo numerous times. Going to St. Petersburg and Moscow will be awesome.

Secondly, I feel that I should to go to Auschwitz to complete my previous visits related to WWII both in Nurenburg and Hiroshima. Each had left a mark on the world, and I fully wanted to be there with my feet on the ground along with peace in my heart.

In the front of my mind I wonder what modern day Russia is like from the perspective of the average citizen. I will have opportunities to engage with families, utilize public transportation and join in local festivities.

Map courtesy of Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT)

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