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Sunday in Kraków

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Eat Away is a worldwide dining concept in which a cook serves a traditional meal to paying guests around his or her table at home.

Here our tour group is in the home of the originator of this idea. It started informally when our host advertised on social media, and now it has mushroomed.

Check the website. Other cooks have joined and are holding events in their homes from Africa to South America and beyond.

Marta Bradshaw forages for mushrooms, grows her vegetables and otherwise uses local ingredients coming from or near her farm outside the city. Her passion for cooking is evident while she prepares some of the food while talking with us.

We all helped make the pierogi, although some of us fell short on the skill level. Extra wine helped to laugh off our ineptness. Cheescake originated in Poland, and this salted caramel one was my favorite part of the meal. I can never pass up a slice.

Our group enjoyed getting to know each other around the table,too. It was definitely better than a restaurant meal and more personalized for us.

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