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Searching for a weekend getaway

Once I wrote a magazine article (#585magazine) about how to go about finding a place for a quick weekend getaway. It was based on a game that my husband and I play.

It's simple. Pull out a map of your state or region - you still have one of those, don't you? - and draw a circle in a radius of say 100 or 150 miles from home.

Close your eyes, point your finger and land on an area with a nearby town of city.

That's where you are going. No fudging. No second chances.

What? There's nothing to do there you are telling me. It won't work. Besides, it IS too much like work. It's suppose to be a vacation.

Here's the thing. It is up to you to figure out how to make it a special weekend.

You may be in luck and there is a concert or festival nearby, which could keep you busy for hours.

On top of that, you will hone your travel skills on a small scale, practice making reservations, finding day trips and searching for goodness right in front of your eyes. You might, or might not need to spend much money either.

On one of our excursions we found a town in Pennsylvania - Wellsboro, to be exact - that had delightful streets for walking by historical homes and dining in fine restaurants, "the Grand Canyon of the East" park, which in itself is quite a sight, and friendly people willing to talk about their place in the world at the weekly farmers' market.

Once in awhile you need to shake-up your travel.

Hint: Look for the gardens and greenhouses.

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