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Live: Kraków, Poland

Indian summer showed it’s face in Kraków, and I took advantage of the warm afternoon to get my bearings near the hotel and rejuvenate with fresh air. I wasn’t alone and the streets were packed with a mix of young working people and tourists celebrating a gorgeous October day. There were numerous cafes one after the other packed with customers doing a typical European daily activity.

The fall leaf colors are not as vibrant as at home, yet there is a rusty golden shine to the trees here framing the scenery.

I mingled with the locals at the grocery store - a favorite thing of mine while traveling - walking the aisles and buying my water supply. I wasn’t hearing very much English spoken, and therefore, I muddled through the checkout as a result. Smiles worked and a shrug of the shoulders.

The money exchange is about four to one ( $25. US to $100. Polish zlotys) if that gives you a point of reference.

The pictures will come tomorrow when I tour the old city, a place never destroyed during World War II like Warsaw. I don’t expect much of myself after a long airplane trip the first day.

Orienting to your location is a best travel practice.

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