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Getting it right... not

There are certain subjects that I will never write on if my life depends upon it.

Okay. That’s a slight exaggeration to make my point.

You might expect a post about advice on packing a suitcase. Wrong. I almost did once, and then I thought better of you. Either you are a traveler, and it might prove helpful; or, you simply have no interest.

Besides, as for packing a suitcase, I never get it right like my failure to check my umbrella before I left for New Zealand – I put it away broken from the previous trip – and I packed a flimsy rain poncho. To top it off, at the last minute I took out my second fleece, and that was a huge mistake, too. I shelled out for new stuff on the trip much to my own annoyance.

I keep a standard packing list and it works well enough if I stick with the layering technique to prepare for a variation in temperature. Then again, who can forecast for a heatwave in Southern Spain three weeks into a trip, or a pair of sneakers that don't perform as advertised?

See. I’m no expert.

Like the rest of you, I am an ordinary person who is always on a learning curve. I change suitcase types and sizes like a revolving door. I roll my clothes or pack in cubes depending upon my mood. I bring way more electronics than I need. I run out of mouthwash.

I can’t help you with jet lag either. I pre-plan my sleep time on long flights – thank goodness for movies, too - and usually come out feeling decent enough to get by for a few more hours. A little walking in the fresh air helps, and also, not letting my mind take control over my weary body.

Being a people watcher, whenever I have time to kill in an airport - all too frequently it seems - I check out possibilities for travel outfits, suitcases and any other handy tips that appear to make things run smoothly for others that could work in my case.

When all else fails and your mood is iffy, take time for yoga.

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