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Eyeing ruins in Morocco

How well I remember that October morning in #Chellah early into my three week stay for its power to transport me back to an earlier time and slow my pace corresponding to those living around me. There was a feel to it, and I couldn't get my head wrapped around it either. My senses were on high alert at this point and I was doing my best taking in everything from the call to worship blaring from the loudspeaker at the mosque to the elderly wrinkled man hobbling alongside his donkey loaded with sticks of wood for his fire pit.

Little did I know then that the desert experience would change me forever.

Under the expertise of a local guide, I gathered as much information as possible before my eyes started to roam. There were more angles in an ancient ruin to keep a serious photographer busy for hours, and I had to settle for a few pictures. Fortunately, I was there before the sun was too high ruining the opportunity. This site was out of the way and overlooked by tourists giving me free range using my cellphone.

Chellah a medieval fortified Muslim necropolis located in the metro area of #Rabat, #Morocco. The #Phoenicians established a trading emporium at the site. This was later the site of an ancient Roman colony.

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