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Eyeing Kamakura, Japan with my camera

Japan is one country that professes its traditions in a most spiritual way. Its cleanliness, quietness and orderliness captivate visitors and pulls from deep within them a depth of feelings.

The lines, shapes and orderly designs of gardens and temples are purposely arranged for a person to be "in" the space and not to be passing through on the way somewhere else. Well, you can walk right on and miss the whole intent.

Like anywhere in the world, you take away what you put into a place. Some pull you in more than others.

Several years ago after a visit to Japan, I wrote a book, "Shimmering Japanese Sunlight" simply to let my own emotions out after being completely astonished everywhere that I traveled in the country. I really didn't have an audience in my mind when I started composing my thoughts into short essays.

One reader friend remarked in a review that she "traveled with me" and was so moved by the images of unfamilar scenes made real for her. I made the mark then.

Kamakura, Japan
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