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Blooming love in El Salvador

How lovely when two people later in life find true love.

I stopped to watch the wedding party for a moment or two in the crowded plaza on a late Saturday afternoon. Everyone was dressed to the nines, and depsite the tricky cobblestones, shoes measured at least three fashionable inches.

Well, I am holding back on some of the details. One, in particular.

It is the bride's eighth wedding and those are her daughters and granddaughters in the procession along with the groom outside the church in Suchitoto, El Salvador.

One of the best ways to find out about a country is to go where the locals congregate, mingle and strike up conversations.

In this case, my tour guides knew just that one tiny piece of the puzzle about the bride, and the rest was left to speculation. A marriage of convenience? A business arrangement? Friends of former spouses?

I left shaking my head and giggling. Oh, love has its own ways, and who am I to interfere?

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